At Geau Sport, we believe that what you choose to protect and organize your gear should be coveted as much as the gear inside of it. Everything we make reflects our obsession with product excellence.


For decades, tennis bags have remained unchanged. Tired designs, unevolved function, and an oversized tennis racket brand logo for some flair are the usual suspects. I know this because of my personal story of finding tennis as a child, later walking away from it, and then finding it again.

– Chris Pageau, Founder
After competing and traveling throughout the southeast as a top-ranked junior for many years, I decided to hang up my rackets (and tennis bag) for almost 20 years. During that time, I professionally designed and developed hundreds of products within the outdoor industry, where the innovation of bags and packs flows continuously.

However, I yearned to play tennis again. After dusting off my old rackets and bag, I realized that some new equipment was needed. While some tennis equipment had made huge advancements during my hiatus, I noticed tennis bag designs had remained relatively unchanged. Perhaps tennis bags were less critical to the brands well known for developing tennis rackets? I saw an opportunity to change that and make the bag a coveted piece of gear. That is the foundation of Geau Sport.

Our Method


At Geau Sport, we specialize entirely in gear bags. We don’t produce other products that would distract from our product excellence.

Commitment to Quality

Our products go through rigorous testing to ensure they last for years. All materials and construction must withstand specified trials for abrasion, tearing, UV fading, and any other intended performance of the product. Rigorous field testing of products also occurs almost daily. Lastly, products are inspected both during and after the production process.