Home Workouts You Can Do to Stay Tennis-Ready

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Tennis Home Workouts

Being an athlete is not easy! And for a sport that requires so much physical activity like tennis, overall fitness is the top priority. To play good tennis, you need to have the strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance to take your game to the next level.  

Unfortunately, this pandemic has affected all sporting activities worldwide and caused tennis players all over the world to face many challenges, both in actual play time, practice, and keeping themselves physically fit. A Geau tennis bag, which was a regular sight on the court together with a player's tennis gear, is now kept aside at home. 

Just like the way the Geau Sport tennis bag keeps your tennis gear safe and organized, proper training is a sure-fire way to keep yourself ready to play as soon as the world opens up again. This is why we compiled a list of a few workouts that you can do at home so you can maintain your physical fitness and improve your performance while you are stuck inside the house. These exercises will not only keep you fit, but will also improve your game, and you will definitely notice the results once you can go around and play tennis once this pandemic is over. 

We will also be providing links to a few videos that demonstrate the exercises we will be mentioning in this article, so make sure to watch all of them so you know that you are doing each exercise correctly. 


Do workouts that focus on improving your strength. Power training allows you to build your strength and use it as a base for endurance, power development, and force absorption. 




A well-executed volley can make or break your success, especially against a strong opponent. To achieve a volley with winning precision and placement, you need to practice proper grip and forehand volley execution.  




Having good footwork is essential as it allows you to chase more balls while on the court – more balls is equal to more points! 




Work on your unilateral power so you can enhance your forward and backward movement, service, lateral movement, and vertical pushes. 


As your body has to hold a lot of tension while playing tennis, it is essential to train your mobility and flexibility. This training not only prevents injuries, but it also has the added bonus of boosting your performance. Try doing yoga or other similar activities to build your flexibility. 

Apart from doing these exercises for your game and fitness, taking a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep and rest will also help.  

Of course, once the fitness training is done, you can also get yourself a tennis bag that can carry all your tennis gear with ease. Check out the Geau Sport tennis bags by visiting this link. 

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