Optimize Your Bag: Packing Tips for Your Axiom 9-Pack Tennis Bag

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Optimize Your Bag: Packing Tips for Your Axiom 9-Pack Tennis Bag

Making the most out of a bag as game-changing as the Axiom 9-Pack and Axiom 12-Pack Tennis Racquet Bag requires that you maximize the space you have available. In this article, we will be sharing with you the ideal way to organize your Axiom Tennis bags so you, too, can utilize its features in the most optimal fashion possible.  

First, let’s start with the two side racquet sleeves. 

Side Racquet Sleeves 

We always recommend that you insert your racquets into the two side racquet sleeves before inserting the shelves into the main compartment of your Axiom 9 Pack tennis bag. By inserting the racquets first, it sets the proper width of the main compartment and will make the job of inserting your shelves much easier.

Also, keep in mind that no more than 2 racquets can fit into each racquet sleeve. Fitting more than 2 racquets into each sleeve may damage both your racquets and your tennis bag.  

Finally, when inserting your racquets, you may want to cross the handles of your racquets for everything to fit.

Axiom 9pack pocket details

Side Exterior Pockets 

In addition to the racquet sleeves, you will notice three side exterior pockets. The top left pocket is perfect for organizing small items such as grip, tape, wallet, and keys. The bottom left pocket is ideal for storing small flat items like extra packets of string or a notebook. The bottom right pocket is designed for storing valuables like sunglasses, phone, or jewelry thanks to it felt lining and divided sleeves within.  

Main Compartment with Shelves 

What makes the Axiom 9-Pack one of the best tennis racquet bags in the market is its innovative and modular shelf-like system.  

There are a million ways to customize this section according to your arsenal of gear. Geau Sport founder, Chris Pageau, prefers to save the bottom spot for loose tennis balls and a water bottle because of the bottom lip that helps keep them from rolling/sliding out of the bag.  

If you prefer to store additional racquets in the main compartment, you can even choose to remove all of the shelves. You can store up to 5 additional racquets in the main compartment.  

There really is not a best way to utilize this compartment because this depends on what you require as a tennis player. Just make sure that you use this area for dry items only, because wet items are stored in a different compartment altogether. 

Top Wet Compartment 

One of the main problems with other tennis bags is the lack of venting for wet items. This causes the smell of sweat to permeate inside the whole bag, leaving the rest of your gear smelling bad for an extended period of time.  

The Axiom 9-Pack and Axiom 12-Pack Tennis Racquet Bag fixes this by providing a top compartment that is separated from the rest of the bag and is equipped with vents that allow moisture and odor to escape from the bag. This compartment is best used for sweaty clothes, wet towels, dirty shoes, or any other item that may have unwanted odor.  

Also note that the top compartment’s interior material is waterproof so that the sweat from your gear doesn’t leak into the main compartment of your tennis bag.  

Of course, you can choose to use this compartment for a variety of other purposes. Many people within the Geau Sport community have chosen to use this top compartment as a “junk drawer” for all kinds of items that they want to quickly drop into a bucket style compartment while on the court.  

We also recommend filling this pocket first before inserting the shelves into the main compartment.  

So, there you have it. These are our recommendations on how to organize your Axiom Tennis Racquet Bags. If you have other ways of setting up your bags feel free to let us know so you can help new users optimize their tennis bag, as well. 

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