The Best Tennis Shoes According to the Geau Sport Community

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The Best Tennis Shoes According to the Geau Sport Community

Much like any other tennis gear, finding the perfect tennis shoes can be challenging given the wide variety of factors that come into play, including comfort, durability, weight, and cost. 

Tennis shoes are designed to provide support and reinforce your performance while on the court. When looking for a new pair, it is crucial that you pick a shoe that suits your foot type and your playstyle – the last thing we want to happen is for you to choose the wrong pair, which may potentially lead to an ankle injury. 

This is why we pulled together some of the best tennis shoes that are recommended by our community of tennis players and enthusiasts. 

Tennis Shoes Survey

Asics Gel Resolution

Taking the top spot of the list of recommended tennis shoes by our community is the Asics Gel Resolution. The combination of out-of-the-box comfort, greater support, and stability has made the Asics Gel Resolution one of the best-selling tennis shoes in our community (and, of course, globally, too). 


The latest iteration of this shoe offers a more comfortable fit, more flexibility, and better breathability than previous versions. This shoe is a bit closer to the ground with a slight plush feel and provides a well-padded and comfortable ride on the court. 


Another focus of the Gel Resolution is the improved stability, which is particularly noticeable in lateral movement. Also, the inclusion of Dynawall and Dynawrap construction provides a boost in support and stability while maintaining a lightweight feel.


The Gel Resolution line is known for its durability. The tread pattern allows for better grip, while the added protection at the tip of the shoe is perfect for toe-dragging on the court without feeling too bulky. Players who go hard and treat the court like a Slip-and-Slide can rest easy, thanks to the six-month durability warranty. 

What our community has to say about the Asics Gel Resolution 

 “I value the Asics Gel Resolution for its durability and traction on the court. It's easy to find a shoe that moves with you, but the long-lasting attributes of tennis shoes are typically lacking. I work within the textile industry (for a fabric company featured in your latest tennis bag:)) and therefore have a bias towards good materials at the base.” 

 “Asics tennis shoes are exceptional in general. They are molded to sustain a lot of pressure and support the foot through said pressure, biomechanically. The gel that is in these shoes and in Asics shoes in general is what really makes them stand apart from the competition. They are incredibly durable as well. One thing I will say though, is that this particular line tends to fit on the narrower side, and as such, wide options are hard to find. I would say, when it comes to tennis , shoes, nothing beats support and style.” 

“I've played tennis for 30 odd years, started off with Reebok tennis shoes and then Adidas. Last year, on a whim, I bought a pair of Asics Gel Resolution - nobody can change my mind that these are the best!” 


Asics Gel Court FF 

Asics Gel Court FF 

One of the reasons why the Asics Gel Court FF is preferred by 10% of our community of tennis enthusiasts, is because it is the perfect mixture of the best qualities that you can get from other brand offerings. The added technology accommodates a wide range of foot types and delivers a satisfying combination of stability and speed to complement a variety of movements. 


The recent innovations took these shoes up a notch. The upper mesh design gives a lighter, airier feel that allows the shoe to breathe easy, especially during court sessions in the summer. The responsive FlyteFoam technology that is added to the midsole provides more plush for players who crave speed and comfort. 


Support and stability played a major role in the development of this shoe. The tongue-less bootie construction and glove-like fit deliver a locked-in feel that is suitable for aggressive play. The supple upper also gives you the freedom to take aggressive lateral cuts without the feeling of sliding around the inside of the shoe. 


Traction is one of the outstanding features of this shoe. The outsole and added protection on the toe and medial side provide a better grip on the court while allowing you to take quick turns with no fuss and can hold up well during intense court sessions. 

What our community has to say about the Asics Court FF 

 “The integrated tongue keeps the shoe form-fitting. Good ankle support while maintaining mobility and overall weight. Sole wear is good and toe box appropriately sized to avoid jammed/black toes. Aesthetics are great. I have 3 active pairs now and had 3 pairs of the original court FF - simply amazing shoes.” 

 “Asics Court FF is definitely my favorite tennis shoe because it is super comfortable and it supports my feet when I am on the courts. Along with this, they are very fast, stable, durable, and all-around amazing. These may be one of the best shoes on the market right now.” 

 “I have a wider foot, so typically my pinky toe gets numb. I like that this fits my foot well with little break-in. I also like that the outsole is a nice bleed between grippy and slick, so I have good traction but can also still slide. Lastly, I like the bootie sock (as opposed to the three-piece with tongue) as it makes my foot feel very snug in the shoe with little wasted energy.” 


NikeCourt - Air Zoom Vapor Pro 

NikeCourt - Air Zoom Vapor Pro 

If you want footwear with exceptional comfort, nice cushioning, superb breathability, and good stability, NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro is what our community recommends. This shoe has observed a steady progression in technology, stability, and durability throughout its history. 


The reinforced toe support, medial side guard, and increased lateral wings provide a more locked-down fit for players looking for heightened speed on any surface. Meanwhile, the integration of mesh throughout the upper offers better ventilation and support. 


The midsole tooling, low ground court feel, responsive cushioning in the heel, and the midsole plastic lateral wings offer more stability and secures your feet when moving aggressively. 


The Vapor Pro’s outsole is engineered with added tread in high-wear zones for top-notch grip on the court. This supports aggressive play without compromising your lateral movement. 

What our community has to say about the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro 

“Nike is at its heart a shoe company. The Vapor Pro combines lightness, stability, and style in a variety of colors. If you look to European retailers, you can also order clay court soles.” 

“The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro is my favorite shoe because of the speed and the outsole traction of this shoe. I also love the lightness of the shoe which allows me to move through the court quickly and gives me the confidence to go for every ball.” 

“For me, they are light and comfortable. I can lace them to be tight or I can lace them loose to relax. They also don't require too long of break-in period, so it's not too tight too long. The downside is the sole wears out too fast.” 

Honorable Mention: Mizuno - Wave Exceed Tour

Mizuno - Wave Exceed Tour

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Out of the many options we laid out, the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour deserves a special mention in this article. This shoe has been picked by our community as it offers a better fit and comfortability with excellent traction on the court, plus more room in the toebox than the previous versions. 


This shoe has impressive overall comfort with plush, responsive cushioning, and no break-in period. Integrated with D-flex Groove in the midfoot, this shoe allows you to slide and accelerate as often as you want. 


Provides added ankle stability and shock redistribution for a more responsive and low-to-the-ground ride. 


The combination of synthetic leather and Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) creates a breathable, supportive, and durable upper. The 3D-SOLID upper enhances support and durability, while the outsole consists of DuRubber that allows the shoe to hold out for extended wear in high-impact areas. This durability is backed by a six-month outsole guarantee. 

What our community has to say about NikeCourt – Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 

“Comfortable right out of the box. Stable around the court. Good durability. Great-looking.” 

“It's a very comfortable shoe with great support. Feels light when I'm playing tennis, don't really even know I have it on when I'm running around, which means it's good!” 

“It is comfortable and lasts longer than other tennis shoes I have tried.” 

Now that we’ve narrowed down your choices for the best tennis shoes, it’s time to select the best tennis bag that can accommodate them. We recommend either the Axiom 9-Pack, Axiom Backpack, or Aether Backpack. All three bags feature exterior vents that allow moisture to evaporate, as well as waterproof material that prevents wet gear from leaking into the main compartment. Click here to shop. 


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