The Best Fitness Gear for Tennis: Reviews and Recommendations by Geau Sport

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The Best Fitness Gear for Tennis: Reviews and Recommendations by Geau Sport

Simply buying the best tennis equipment you can find and packing them inside the best tennis bag is not enough. Sure, great tennis gear can help elevate your game a little bit, but what matters most is the effort you put into improving your skillset.   

This is why training is of the utmost importance, because the correct training regimen is what separates the great players from the average players. Of course, you can always train using tried-and-true methods such as jogging or fine tuning your stroke, but if you really want to make the most out of your training, the best fitness gear will definitely help. 

To help you with your training, we have handpicked the best fitness gear that you can use to squeeze the most gains out of your training regimen. These items are highly recommended by many tennis players, pros and amateurs alike, so you can be sure that these items will be great additions to your collection of tennis training equipment.  


Resistance Bands

Woman working out with wall mounter resistant bands

Resistance bands are mainly used for strength, speed, and agility training. You can also do a variety of workouts with these. For example, you could do a front squat by using your resistance band: first, step on the middle of your resistance band with both of your feet slightly apart. Then, grip the edges of your band with both of your hands, and put them close to your chin in a standing position. Afterwards, bend your hips slightly to the front while squatting until your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Exhale while standing upright, then repeat.  


Yoga Mat

Woman rolling a yoga mat

A yoga mat is a nice tool to use whenever you want to stretch, which is just as important as the actual workout. High-quality ones will allow you to stretch on virtually any surface, as long as you have enough space to do so. Also, yoga mats are not reserved for stretching alone – this tool can also be used as a comfortable spot for various other workouts.  


Pro Footwork Agility Ladder


This tool helps improve your speed, agility, coordination, and explosiveness. The Pro Footwork Agility Ladder is the perfect gear if you want to work on your equilibrium, endurance, and footwork. 


Grip Strengthener


Grip strengtheners improve the strength of your fingers and their dexterity, which is especially useful for activities that rely on your grip, such as tennis. Also, their relatively small size allows you to bring them anywhere, so you can do a quick workout while waiting to pick your kids up from school. 


Foam Rollers


Foam rolling is a great way to release strain from your muscles and speed up recovery. This workout will be very painful at first, but once you get used to it, you will find it easier over time. We recommend foam rolling to repair your quads, upper back, and quad muscles.  


Agility Belts
Another incredible piece of gear that can be utilized to improve your agility, response, dynamic equilibrium, speed, and deceleration.  

We highly recommend that you that get the gear we mentioned above so you can maximize your training. Also, you might notice that these items are relatively small and easy to carry, which is why the Axiom is the best tennis bag to go for if you want to bring all of these items at once. Check out the Axiom Tennis Backpack and see how it can organize all of the best fitness gear in one, easy-to-use bag. You can also check out the rest of Geau Sport’s tennis bag collection by clicking this link 

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