6 Ways to Keep Warm on the Court this Winter

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6 Ways to Keep Warm on the Court this Winter


Dress as though you are an onion.tighter and smaller garments

Above the waist, wear many layers - tighter and smaller garments close to the core, i.e., against your skin, then looser and heavier items, culminating in a jacket that you can easily peel off once you’re moving and warm. Wear garments made from synthetic materials, merino wool or silk.  Avoid cotton, especially against your skin.  

Below the waist, wear a thicker pair of socks to offset the cold court surface. Warm up pants or tights? Always. Your legs may not feel cold but remember: the skin on those legs encases the big muscles and the other soft tissue that motors you around the court.  When the skin is cold, the muscles won’t fire as efficiently. 

Vital parts: Core, neck, and head.  A lightweight snug beanie and light neck gaiter offer super synergy for maintaining and regulating your body temperature.  

Be warm when you arrive at the courts.walk or jog a bit to stay warm.

Turn the heat up in the car.  Use the heated seats. Once you arrive, go inside until your court time begins, or better yet, walk or jog a bit to stay warm. Before the match, do an easy, short-court rally with your partner or hit against the wall. Ideally, you should feel a sunny glow before beginning your match. 

Keep the changeovers short. stay covered to stay warm

Avoid sitting.  If the other players insist on taking several minutes on changeovers, put your jacket on while you wait. Your body temp will drop quickly once you stop moving, so stay covered to stay warm.

If you’re playing at night remember that the temps will likely be sinking during your match, so bring an extra layer. Your Geau Sport tennis bag has ample pockets and can organize a lot of gear. Geau Sport tennis bag has ample pockets

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