The Best Tennis Balls According to the Geau Sport Community

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The Best Tennis Balls According to the Geau Sport Community

Last time, we asked the members of the Geau Sport community to tell us your favorite tennis shoes – and the turnout was great! This is why we decided to hold another poll, this time asking you what you think are the best tennis balls available, and why.  

The turnout was just as good! A lot of your responded and the responses were surprisingly elaborate. This is why we collated all of the information we gathered and decided to once again make an article based on your responses.  

best tennis balls available survey results

Without further ado, we present to you the top 5 best tennis balls according to the Geau Sport community.

#5 - Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty

Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty

Let’s start with the Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty, which came in at number five on our polls. Dubbed as Penn’s longest lasting tennis balls, the Marathon is the official ball of the PTR, and are clearly meant for longer tennis matches. The Marathon also boasts its Encore Technology, which Penn states allows for 22% longer play, perfect if you regularly come across extended matches. Durability is no slouch as well, and its special “Smart Optik” color scheme is optimized for visibility on the court.

What our community has to say about the Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty: 

“Pro Penns last longer and have a solid feel when hit.” 

“Quality is consistent, they perform at the same level and response throughout its life before they wear out.” 

Dependable and great for outdoor courts.” 


#4 - Wilson US Open XD

Wilson US Open XD

The first of the two Wilson balls that we have on this list, we have the Wilson US Open XD at fourth place. These balls have been the official ball of the US Open since 1978, and it’s easy to see why. The Wilson Extra Duty features immense playability, consistency, and durability, vastly outperforming many other balls that are available in the market, retaining bounce even when playing in humidity. The extra duty in its name comes from the woven felt, which makes these balls suitable for hard court surfaces. 

What our community has to say about the Wilson US Open XD: 

“More consistent, doesn't drop off a lot after hitting in the beginning. They also last longer, slow constant wear.” 

“Consistency and the weight of the ball make it the best choice. I do also like the Wilson Triniti as a second choice.” 

#3 - Wilson Triniti All Court

Wilson Triniti All Court

Coming in at number three in our poll is the Wilson Triniti All Court. The first thing that you will notice when you get these balls is the unique packaging – Wilson is going green, offering the first tennis balls ever with packaging that is 100% recyclable and sustainable. Better yet, the packaging is not the only thing that is sustainable with the Triniti. These balls offer immense durability, allowing them to last for over a week of everyday play, even when faced with inclement weather. Also, just because the Triniti is in non-pressurized packaging, it does not mean that the balls are not pressurized. In fact, the balls are actually pressurized and also approved by both the ITF and the USTA. 

What our community has to say about the Wilson Triniti All Court: 

“I play with Wilson Triniti balls simply because they last a good amount of time. I also like the idea of recycled packaging, although I miss the pop of tennis cans.” 
“They're simply the best and seemingly last forever, but I'm a little cheap, so I don't buy them very often.”
“It’s my favorite because it is one of the few that is Vegan friendly, doesn’t use wool on it.”


#2 - Dunlop ATP Extra Duty

Dunlop ATP Extra Duty

Coming in second place is the Dunlop ATP Extra Duty. As the name suggests, this is the official ball of the ATP. However, despite having ATP on its label, the Dunlop Extra Duty is also extra affordable, beating out many other balls in cost efficiency alone, with added durability to boot. This durability is thanks to the high-quality felt that envelops the balls, allowing them to last multiple sets without breaking a sweat. They are easy to control and takes spin splendidly, as well. 

What our community has to say about the Dunlop ATP Extra Duty: 

“Regular Duty for clay, Extra Duty for hard. Best-feeling balls out there. Lasts longer as well.” 

“I like a heavier feeling tennis ball, that does not "fluff" up over time.”


#1 - Penn Championship Tennis Balls - Extra Duty

Penn Championship Tennis Balls - Extra Duty

And finally, we are at number one. Boasting over 100 years of development history, Penn Championship are the best-selling tennis balls in America. Their consistent feel and reduced shock allow for supreme consistency, suited for all sorts of tennis courts. Build quality is incredible as well, mainly due to the interlocking wool fibers that enables consistent bounce for longer play. These are only a few of the reasons why the Penn Championship balls are the official tennis balls of the USTA Leagues, and why they are regarded as the best tennis balls according to our Geau Sport Community. 

What our community has to say about the Penn Championship Tennis Balls - Extra Duty:  

“I like the consistency of the ball across several years of manufacturing. I also like the durability of the ball on hard court.”  

“Easiest ball available in shops.”  
“For me, they strike a good balance between price and performance. Order them from a tennis online shop because they seem to last a bit longer than the ones bought at Costco.” 


Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us. Let us know in the comments below which piece of gear you would like to see ranked and reviewed next!

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