Welcome to Geau Rewards

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Welcome to Geau Rewards

Hello Geau Sport Community!

Last November, when we were celebrating Geau Sport’s 1 year anniversary, I shared a glimpse into the future of Geau Sport that included several new product launches, a commitment to being in stock, and the promise to introduce a customer rewards program. I’m excited to share the latest news on those projects.

Geau Rewards

We have officially launched our Geau Rewards program! The Geau Sport community is a particularly passionate group of people. I know this because your recommendations to friends and family have been the overwhelming fuel behind our growing brand. It’s time that we start rewarding you for that.

Starting now, you will be able to earn points in exchange for activities such as:

  • Making a purchase

  • Referring a friend to purchase

  • Writing a review

  • Social follows and shares

  • Subscribing to our newsletter

  • Your birthday

You can then exchange those points for $ off your next Geau Sport purchase. You can choose to use those points to earn free Geau Sport tennis bags, Geau Sport t-shirts, or some of the new bag accessories that we are launching this summer. We might even launch some new color options and size options for the Axiom series. I also heard a rumor that we are working on some new duffel bag that will completely change the paradigm of duffel bags. Yup, I just leaked some new products that are in development. Basically, you will have ample opportunity to spend your Geau Points and get free stuff.

You can join our Geau Rewards program by registering here

New Products

In late December, we launched 3 new bag models ahead of schedule. Each are all available in 2 color options.

The Stance Tote is expected to be an especially popular tennis bag for Valentine’s Day. Plan ahead gentlemen.

More Inventory

During 2021, we simply couldn’t keep up with our growing demand. Every time we increased our forecast, you guys just kept wanting more. So, we have made big plans to bring in a lot of stock this year. Our next shipment of Axiom series bags arrives the first week of February and without providing all the boring details… it’s a LOT of bags. And then a lot more are coming throughout the year.

Being a family-owned business that isn’t VC funded or part of a larger corporate conglomerate, this is actually a big deal. It’s hard to believe what has transpired over the past 14 months. Truly exciting times for us.

Planning Ahead

By the way, I’m kind of obsessed with customer feedback and I’m putting together some plans for ’23. If you have any suggestions for new products or just general improvements, send me a note – help@geausport.com.

Thanks again for everyone’s support –
Chris Pageau


Founder – Geau Sport

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