The Best Tennis Overgrips According to the Geau Sport Community

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The Best Tennis Overgrips According to the Geau Sport Community

While some casual tennis players might dismiss overgrips as just another small detail, the pros know better. The best overgrips wick away moisture to prevent slipping. They also add an extra layer of comfort, and provide much-needed tackiness for increased traction. Best of all, overgrips tend to be inexpensive, so invest in a good roll if you want To maximize your performance 

We did a survey among the Geau Sport Community to find out what they think is the best overgrip, and here are the results. 




No. 1: Wilson Pro  

There are plenty of reasons why Wilson Pro is at the top of our list and is preferred by none other than Roger Federer. Wilson Pro is reasonably tacky, not overly sticky like other overgrips, and absorbs moisture extremely well. Finally, it comes in a variety of colors, so finding a roll that would suit your racquet won’t be hard.  

In fact, the Wilson Pro is also the preferred overgrip of Geau Sport’s founder, Chris, because of its durability and just the right amount of “stick” during play. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some members of the Geau Sport Community have to say about the Wilson Pro: 

“The grip has the right amount of tack and comes in a multitude of colors, including black which hides dirt. If playing matches, the grip can last through three matches before I need to replace it. If there is a way to make the grip packaging more eco-friendly, I would appreciate it. For example, to make sure the grip does not stick to itself, the grip has a thin layer of plastic you have to peel away. If there was some way to have a thin strip of paper instead that is easier to recycle, I would feel better about using the overgrip.” 

“It has just the right amount of tack for me. It is also a bit durable as I replace it every two weeks (4-5 times play per week). It is also affordable compared to other overgrip brands. It also has a sleek and clean finish.” 

 “The tack is the perfect amount to where it won't slip but also feels natural in your hand. Adding it on increases your racket by half a size and is consistent.” 


No. 2: Tourna Grip 

Tourna Grip is perfect for players whose hands sweat a lot and need something that’s super absorbent. It starts out with a dry feel and gets progressively tackier the more you sweat. Is this ideal? It depends on the user, but if you sweat more than the average person, this could be ideal for you. 

Many from the Geau Sport Community agree that the Tourna Grip is probably the ultimate overgrip for sweaty hands. Here’s what some of them have to say: 

“It is the most absorbent, non-slip grip that I have used. I depend on a sure firm grip and Tourna Grip never disappoints. Lasts for many sets and feels great!” 

“It's an overgrip with excellent sweat absorption and thin enough to keep you in contact with your stick. Not too sticky and not too slippery. It does wear fast if you sweat a lot on your hands.” 

No. 3 Gamma Supreme 

Another great all-rounder that offers an excellent combination of tackiness, moisture absorption, and low cost is the Gamma Supreme. This overgrip is also known for being highly durable, so you won’t have to replace the grip for weeks. What’s more, the unique polymer coating is soft yet firm and helps reduce vibrations, making for very comfortable play. 

 “The Gamma Supreme is not too tacky but it is also a little thicker than most other overgrips out there. I feel that size 3 is a little small and size 4 is too big so I use the gamma supreme to even it out to make it feel better in my hand. It absorbs sweat pretty well while allowing me to switch backhand or forehand without the feeling of it sticking onto my hands.” 

“It isn't overly tacky like Tourna. It also stays tacky for longer than other tacky grips.” 

There are plenty of overgrips to choose from in the market, so finding one that suits you best shouldn’t be hard. Do you need something absorbent, or is tackiness what you’re after? Thickness can also be a factor to consider. While thicker overgrips offer more cushion and comfort, they may reduce the “feel” of your racquet when striking the ball. 

Before heading off to the court make sure to bring with you extra overgrips in case they wear out and need replacing. You can put them inside one of your tennis bag’s side pockets for easy access. The Axiom 9-Pack Tennis Bag ought to do the trick with its multiple pockets and compartments, amazing 9-racquet capacity, and outstanding construction.   

Each of our top three best overgrips has something unique to offer. But if you’re seeking an overgrip that does everything well, (comfort, sweat absorption, tackiness, durability), we recommend that you get the Wilson Pro.  

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