Organizing Your Tennis Essentials: How to Pack Your Axiom Backpack

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Organizing Your Tennis Essentials: How to Pack Your Axiom Backpack

Thinking of buying your very first Geau Sport Axiom Backpack?  

As one of our bestselling tennis bags, the Axiom Backpack boasts superior storage while featuring an effortlessly stylish design that works both on and off the court. A single look and you’ll immediately notice its innovative organization options.  

Once you’ve stopped remarking at how innovative it is, you might be asking this question: How do I best fit my tennis gear and other essentials inside it? Fortunately, you’re on the right page.  

Optimizing the Axiom’s numerous compartments, features, and pockets is pretty easy. Here is a guide on how to pack your belongings inside the Axiom Backpack in the best way possible. 

Main Compartment  

The Axiom Backpack features a flip-open top lid that provides easy access to its main compartment. On the inside of its lid, you’ll notice a mesh compartment that is ideal for storing keys, electrolyte tablets, overgrips, and other small to medium-sized objects. There’s another, much bigger internal pocket at the back that also zips close to avoid spilling or disorganization. The main compartment itself is quite spacious at 17.5 x 12 inches, big enough to store your dry clothes, towel, shoes, loose tennis balls, water bottles, and more. The Axiom is also thickly padded to ensure maximum comfort even if you’re carrying lots of bulky items.  

Geau Sport | Axiom Tennis Backpack | Product Overview 

Back Racquet Sleeve 

The Axiom’s back racquet sleeve is perfect for storing two standard racquets or one oversized racquet. Once zipped close, the racquets will rest diagonally and avoid contact with your head. It’s a simple yet elegant solution.  

Waterproof Exterior Side Pocket  

One of the more unique features of the Axiom Backpack is its waterproof exterior side pocket, ideal for storing your wet clothes and dirty shoes. The waterproof lining prevents sweat from permeating into the main compartment, while an exterior mesh panel ventilates the moisture, preventing odor buildup and inhibiting mold from growing.  

What’s more, this pocket compresses when not used, maximizing the main compartment’s storage capacity. The main compartment also comes with an optional use divider for better organization. If you don’t want to use the divider, simply lay it flat against the back side of the bag. 

Take a closer look at the Geau Sport Axiom Tennis Backpack Bag  

Crush-Resistant External Pocket 

At the Axiom’s front side, you’ll find the crush-resistant external pocket, which boasts 3D-contoured foam material and a fleece-lined exterior that protects your sunglasses, cellphone, and other delicate belongings from scratches or mild impact.  

Expandable Side Pockets  

Two expandable side pockets are located at the sides of the Axiom Backpack, and you can use them in a variety of ways. Since they feature easy-access magnetic closures, they’re perfect for carrying your smartphone or other valuable items. They’re also ideal for storing a large 40-ounce water bottle or a can of tennis balls. You can also use these pockets as “junk drawers,” or as what the Geau Sport community calls them – a temporary trash bin.  

Sturdy Construction  

The Axiom Backpack is designed for supreme durability. It’s guaranteed to last thanks to a combination of 420 Denier Polyester and 500 Denier Cordura. These fabrics make the Axiom lightweight, as well as weather- and abrasion-resistant. At the back of the bag, you’ll find a pull-out hanging hook that allows you to tether the bag onto a fence. Finally, custom-designed auto-lock zippers not only add to the Axiom’s premium aesthetic but also prevent accidental openings.  

We’ve made organizing your tennis essentials practically foolproof with the Geau Sport Axiom Backpack. Now you’re all set to ace that practice session or win that tournament! 

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